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"Life is constantly changing. Markets fluctuate, tax structures change, and families grow. I want to walk alongside you through the ups and downs as your financial advisor."

- Tawna Hermanson, Owner

Verity Financial

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Our approach Verity

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Financial planning is an ongoing relationship

Your finances will change over time. We don't expect you to be in the same financial position five years after our first meeting. This is why we schedule regular check-ins to see how life is going, get an update on your job situation, and review debt considerations. We go over the performance of your investments and will give guidance on future decisions.

It's an ongoing relationship, not a one-time session. 

Taking the emotion out of money

Money is a huge source of conflict in personal relationships. It doesn't have to be this way. I want to help you think about your investments and finances in a way that removes emotion and allows you to make better decisions.

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Practicing what I preach

The advice I give to my clients is consistent with the decisions I make in my own life. I provide clear direction, motivation, and a neutral place for individuals or couples to discuss their finances.


Harnessing over a decade of financial advising experience

Tawna started in this industry in 2008 as a service manager and sales assistant. She studied the systems, processes, and how to handle different financial situations. After four years in that role, she became an advisor and continues to guide and direct her clients toward a brighter future.

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